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International Credits Transfer

American University of Business and Social Sciences recognizes your effort in learning therefore we adopt credit transfer and acceptance policy. If you would like to see how many credits are transferable from your prior learning, please feel free to send us your scanned academic documents for free preliminary review.

Attestation and Official Transcript

Whether you want to get your degree attested or requiring an official transcript, International Students Services is glad to serve your needs.


Students are able to apply to have their certificates attested from the US Department of State, and we can assist with this if you request upon graduation. All transactions concerning the attestation of the documents and qualifications issued by American University of Business and Social Sciences shall be done according to the Finance Office.

If you need an official transcript AFTER graduation, we will issue you an official transcript with the US Department of State at US$400 each. Please be informed that your official transcript will not be attested unless you have made a special request for this service.

International Student ID Card

The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is an internationally recognized student travel discount card. ISIC holders can use their cards while traveling abroad in over 130 countries around the world at various museums, hostels, hotels, historical sites and entertainment attractions.

Study English in London

With our partnership Time4London, you may obtain our Professional Certificate/Diploma or Graduate Certificate/Diploma in English Studies by doing their courses in London, UK. This is especially designed by international students who's first language is not English. Time4London is an English school located in one of the most touristic places in London. They have accreditations and one of them is the British Council. This accreditation allows them to teach and examine all their students who wish to learn English or improve it. If you are interested, please contact us at admin@aubss.university for further details.

AUBSS has gained Candidacy Accreditation by Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC).


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