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Prestigious Postgraduate Qualifications from one of the leading accredited distance learning university - American University of Business and Social Sciences.

Minimum completion time of 10 months and up to maximum period of 22 months. Students are eligible for internet access to University eCampus courses, which enable business travelers/distance learners to participate in the program even when they have to travel to other cities.

American University of Business and Social Sciences (AUBSS) is an innovative institution offering distance learning opportunity to working adults by providing accredited, affordable and flexible online programs. Our programs are 100% online self-paced which enable students to learn anytime anywhere. Scholarship is especially designed for developing/evolving countries' and disabled students since we believe that education is for all.

Admission Requirement

  • a good undergraduate degree from, or

  • Professional Experience Entry with a Higher Diploma, or

  • Other qualifications subject to assessment by AUBSS

Online Modules offered by Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance

***Duration of access of the below online courses: 4 months

CIFE01 Why Islamic Finance?

CIFE02 Understanding Musharakah I (Islamic Business Partnerships)

CIFE03 Understanding Musharakah II (Islamic Business Partnerships)

CIFE04 Understanding Musharakah III (Islamic Business Partnerships) 

CIFE05 Understanding Mudarabah I (Islamic Investment Partnerships)

CIFE06 Understanding Mudarabah II (Islamic Investment Partnerships)

CIFE07 Understanding Mudarabah III (Islamic Investment Partnerships) and Quiz

CIFE08 Understanding Ijarah I (Islamic Leasing)

CIFE09 Understanding Ijarah II (Islamic Leasing)

CIFE10 Understanding Murabaha I (Cost Plus Financing)

CIFE11 Understanding Murabaha II (Cost Plus Financing)

CIFE12 Understanding Murabaha III (Cost Plus Financing)

CIFE13 Understanding Salam And Istisna I (Forward Sales And Manufacturing Contracts)

CIFE14 Understanding Salam And Istisna II (Forward Sales And Manufacturing Contracts)

CIFE15 Understanding Salam And Istisna III (Forward Sales And Manufacturing Contracts)

CIFE16 Understanding Islamic Insurance

CIFE17 Understanding Sukuk I (Islamic Securitization)

CIFE18 Understanding Sukuk II (Islamic Securitization)

CIFE19 Liquidity Management In Islamic Finance I

CIFE20 Liquidity Management In Islamic Finance II

CIFE21 Risk Management In Islamic Finance I

CIFE22 Risk Management In Islamic Finance II

Online Modules offered by AUBSS

Risk Management, Knowledge Management, Crisis Management, Strategic Planning, Budgets and Managing Money, Business Leadership

Tuition Fee



Installment Option

Upfront Payment - US$1,550, First Installment - US$500, Second Installment - US$500, Third Installment: US$500, Forth Installment: US$500, Fifth Installment - US$500, Sixth Installment - US$500

***Discount available if you pay in full, please refer to below link.

Admission and Scholarship Details

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