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London School of Modern Studies welcomes you with an open schedule and scheme to enrich your academics and employment for your sustenance in the prevailing competition. London School of Modern Studies is an outstanding Islamic Finance school and has reputation all around the globe due to the achievements in the education and employment arena. Fame of LSMS grows day by day, only by the students who benefit from the reliable system and scope briefed by the school. From the prerequisite of finance studies up to the summit, London School of Modern Studies takes keen measure to deliver cutting edge technology in Islamic finance education and economics department. You are genuinely God-driven if you take note of LSMS academic schedule and plan to secure your career.

LSMS is totally focused on establishing a vibrant platform of Islamic finance studies to students all over the world so as to favour them the best and hopeful future employment opportunities. LSMS also inculcate the Islamic finance practices and benefits among the students to promote the global finance industry and transform into experts of Islamic finance practices. London School of Modern Studies defines education platform with utmost flexibility and updated curriculum. People going for jobs as full time or part time are provided with mind blowing and specially designed, career oriented study courses and syllabus that are not worrisome and go easy on their schedule. Studying as well as working is being made easier and simpler by the scholarly hands and minds at LSMS. Study programs drafted appear to be innovative and eye-capturing with speculating animations and interactions to make the subject scintillating and a new. LSMS programs are termed well-recognized by renowned employers around the corners of the world. With the best curriculum for developing oneself professionally and face the challenges of the trade market at the present and future, LSMS professional guidance and training is the precise key to hold and unlock the yet-to-come moments of life.

Why you should study in LSMS

LSMS offers a unique and highly flexible learning platform that is specially designed for people busy with their jobs. There are many reasons to choose LSMS:

  • Career oriented studies that is maintaining excellence since year 2011.

  • Online education that strikes a balance between theory and practice.

  • Updated curriculum allows you to practice the latest trends in the market.

  • Study at your own pace – can be scheduled to your feasibility.

  • Animated learning content keeps you interested in the subject.

  • Programs are recognized by world-known employers

Advantages of Online and Distance learning Courses

Today’s business environment has been changed, and advanced professional skills are the key to success in all industries. Online courses at LSMS help you to power your career growth and become more effective in your organization. The online certificate, Diploma and online Masters programs keep your skills sharp and your knowledge relevant. LSMS development programs give you more insights into and confidence for your job today and for what lies ahead in the workplace. Programs maintain a balance between academics and practical work. The academic credits from one program may be transferred to other universities and colleges for higher studies, which helps you receive higher education in any part of the world.

With our collaboration, to create a new international network for education and research, working with leading institutions the American University of Business and Social Sciences (AUBSS) is an innovative institution . These new partnerships as Associate College, will go beyond simple exchange programmes and alliances.   Together we will be stronger, more flexible and more inspiring for our students and staff: part of a 21st century network for a challenging world.

On behalf of LSMS, I welcome you to a period of unique study experience that will certainly enhance your intelligence and future career.

Programs  as associate college of AUBSS:


MBA Islamic Finance

DBA Islamic Financial Analysis


Prof. Hima

London School of Modern Studies